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	 * <p><b>NOTE: Only applied if no external PersistenceUnitManager specified.</b> 
	 * @see javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceUnitInfo#getNonJtaDataSource() 
	 * @see #setPersistenceUnitManager 
	public void setDataSource(DataSource dataSource) { 
		this.internalPersistenceUnitManager.setDataSourceLookup(new SingleDataSourceLookup(dataSource)); 
	 * Specify the JDBC DataSource that the JPA persistence provider is supposed 
	 * to use for accessing the database. This is an alternative to keeping the 
	 * JDBC configuration in {@code persistence.xml}, passing in a Spring-managed 
	 * DataSource instead. 
	 * <p>In JPA speak, a DataSource passed in here will be used as "jtaDataSource" 
	 * on the PersistenceUnitInfo passed to the PersistenceProvider, as well as 
	 * overriding data source configuration in {@code persistence.xml} (if any). 
	 * <p><b>NOTE: Only applied if no external PersistenceUnitManager specified.</b> 
	 * @see javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceUnitInfo#getJtaDataSource() 
	 * @see #setPersistenceUnitManager