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						this.beanFactory, Executor.class, qualifier);
			else if (executorToUse == null) {
				return null; 
			executor = (executorToUse instanceof AsyncListenableTaskExecutor ?
					(AsyncListenableTaskExecutor) executorToUse : new TaskExecutorAdapter(executorToUse));
			this.executors.put(method, executor);
		return executor;
	 * Return the qualifier or bean name of the executor to be used when executing the 
	 * given async method, typically specified in the form of an annotation attribute. 
	 * Returning an empty string or {@code null} indicates that no specific executor has 
	 * been specified and that the {@linkplain #setExecutor(Executor) default executor} 
	 * should be used. 
	 * @param method the method to inspect for executor qualifier metadata 
	 * @return the qualifier if specified, otherwise empty string or {@code null}