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This code example shows how to use the following methods:asMap, resolveGeneric
	public DependencyDescriptor(Field field, boolean required, boolean eager) {
		Assert.notNull(field, "Field must not be null");
		this.field = field;
		this.declaringClass = field.getDeclaringClass();
		this.fieldName = field.getName();
		this.required = required;
		this.eager = eager;
	 * Copy constructor. 
	 * @param original the original descriptor to create a copy from 
	public DependencyDescriptor(DependencyDescriptor original) {
		this.methodParameter = (original.methodParameter != null ? new MethodParameter(original.methodParameter) : null);
		this.field = original.field;
		this.declaringClass = original.declaringClass;
		this.containingClass = original.containingClass;
		this.methodName = original.methodName;
		this.parameterTypes = original.parameterTypes;
This code example shows how to use the following methods:getComponentType, isArray, resolve
	 * @param type the backing type or {@code null} if should be resolved 
	 * @param annotations the type annotations 
	protected TypeDescriptor(ResolvableType resolvableType, Class<?> type, Annotation[] annotations) {
		this.resolvableType = resolvableType;
		this.type = (type != null ? type : resolvableType.resolve(Object.class));
		this.annotations = nullSafeAnnotations(annotations);
	private Annotation[] nullSafeAnnotations(Annotation[] annotations) {
		return (annotations != null ? annotations : EMPTY_ANNOTATION_ARRAY);
	 * Variation of {@link #getType()} that accounts for a primitive type by 
	 * returning its object wrapper type. 
	 * <p>This is useful for conversion service implementations that wish to 
	 * normalize to object-based types and not work with primitive types directly. 

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