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This code example shows how to use the following methods:setParentMessageSource
	 * Create a new {@link DefaultObjectMessageSource} instance with the specified parent. 
	 * @param parent the parent message source. 
	public DefaultObjectMessageSource(MessageSource parent) {
		Assert.notNull("Parent must not be null");
	public String getMessage(Object object, Object[] args, Locale locale) throws NoSuchObjectMessageException {
		String message = getFullyResolvedMessage(object, args, locale, false);
		if (message == null && object != null) {
			throw new NoSuchObjectMessageException(object, locale);
		return message;
	 * Returns a fully resolved message, includes resolving any message parameters. 
This code example shows how to use the following methods:
        IEmployee target = new Employee();
        this.callback = new DefaultErrorRenderingCallback();    
        this.errors = new BindException(target, "command");
        this.errors.addError(new ObjectError("command", new String[]{"ErrorCode1"}, null, "Default Message 1"));
        this.messageSource = new DelegatingMessageSource();
    public void testGetRenderingComponent() throws Exception {
        Component component = this.callback.getRenderingComponent(this.errors.getGlobalError(), this.messageSource, new Locale("it"));
        assertXpathEvaluatesTo("Default Message 1", "//div", component.render());
    public void testGetRenderingAction() throws Exception {
        AjaxAction action = this.callback.getRenderingAction(this.errors.getGlobalError());
        String rendering = action.render();
        assertXpathExists("//script", rendering);
        assertTrue(rendering.indexOf("new Effect.Highlight(\"ErrorCode1\",{\"startcolor\":\"#FF0A0A\"});") != -1);
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