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	/** Internal list of already known {@link EntityResolver}s */ 
	private final Set<EntityResolver> entityResolvers;
	public XmlCatalogDelegatingEntityResolver(EntityResolver dtdResolver,
			EntityResolver schemaResolver) {
		super(dtdResolver, schemaResolver);
		this.entityResolvers = NamespaceUtils.getEntityResolvers();
	 * Resolve an {@link InputSource} for the given publicId and systemId. 
	 * <p> 
	 * This implementation firstly delegates to the implementation in the 
	 * {@link DelegatingEntityResolver}. If that doesn't resolve to an {@link InputSource} the 
	 * Eclipse XML Catalog will be checked. As a last fall back the OSGi service registry is being 
	 * queried for available {@link EntityResolver}s. 
	public InputSource resolveEntity(String publicId, String systemId) throws SAXException,
			IOException {