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This code example shows how to use the following methods:loadBeanDefinitions
	 * @param mergedConfig the merged context configuration 
	 * @see #loadContext(MergedContextConfiguration) 
	 * @since 3.1 
	protected void loadBeanDefinitions(GenericApplicationContext context, MergedContextConfiguration mergedConfig) {
	 * Factory method for creating a new {@link BeanDefinitionReader} for loading 
	 * bean definitions into the supplied {@link GenericApplicationContext context}. 
	 * @param context the context for which the {@code BeanDefinitionReader} 
	 * should be created 
	 * @return a {@code BeanDefinitionReader} for the supplied context 
	 * @see #loadContext(String...) 
	 * @see #loadBeanDefinitions 
	 * @see BeanDefinitionReader 
	 * @since 2.5 
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