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    protected boolean isMissingParser(Problem problem)
        // Spring doesn't give us much useful data here - parseState and rootCause are null 
        String message = problem.getMessage();
        return (null != message && message.startsWith(NO_PARSER_PREFIX));
    protected Problem extendProblemDetails(Problem problem)
            String element = ((Element) problem.getLocation().getSource()).getLocalName();
            String namespace = ((Element) problem.getLocation().getSource()).getNamespaceURI();
            String message = "The element '" + element + "' does not have an associated Bean Definition Parser."
                    +"  Is the module or transport associated with " + namespace + " present on the classpath?";
            return new Problem(message, problem.getLocation(), problem.getParseState(), problem.getRootCause());
        catch (Exception e)
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