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	 * <p>The default implementation is {@link NullSourceExtractor} which simply returns {@code null} 
	 * as the source object. This means that - during normal runtime execution - 
	 * no additional source metadata is attached to the bean configuration metadata. 
	public void setSourceExtractor(SourceExtractor sourceExtractor) {
		this.sourceExtractor = (sourceExtractor != null ? sourceExtractor : new NullSourceExtractor());
	 * Specify the {@link NamespaceHandlerResolver} to use. 
	 * <p>If none is specified, a default instance will be created through 
	 * {@link #createDefaultNamespaceHandlerResolver()}. 
	public void setNamespaceHandlerResolver(NamespaceHandlerResolver namespaceHandlerResolver) {
		this.namespaceHandlerResolver = namespaceHandlerResolver;
	 * Specify the {@link DocumentLoader} to use. 
	 * <p>The default implementation is {@link DefaultDocumentLoader}