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	public SecurityChannelInterceptor(UserService userService) {
		this.userService = userService;
	public void loadConfiguration(String filename) {
		YamlMapFactoryBean factory = new YamlMapFactoryBean();
		factory.setResources(new ClassPathResource[]{new ClassPathResource(filename)});
		this.securityDefinitions = factory.getObject();
	public Message<?> preSend(Message<?> message, MessageChannel channel) {
		UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken authentication = (UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken)message.getHeaders().get(SimpMessageHeaderAccessor.USER_HEADER);
		String destination = (String)message.getHeaders().get(SimpMessageHeaderAccessor.DESTINATION_HEADER);
		if((destination == null) || isAllowed(destination, authentication.getName())) {
			return message; 
		throw new AccessDeniedException("Message to destination " + destination + " not allowed for user " + authentication.getName());
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