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 * @author 王志亮 [qieqie.wang@gmail.com] 
public class RoseBeanUtils extends BeanUtils {
    public static Object instantiateClass(Class clazz) throws BeanInstantiationException {
        // spring's : Object mappedObject = BeanUtils.instantiateClass(this.mappedClass); 
        // jade's : private Object instantiateClass(this.mappedClass); 
        // why: 经过简单的笔记本测试,mappedClass.newInstrance性能比BeanUtils.instantiateClass(mappedClass)快1个数量级 
        try { 
            return clazz.newInstance();
        } catch (Exception ex) {
            throw new BeanInstantiationException(clazz, ex.getMessage(), ex);
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