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This code example shows how to use the following methods:swap
    protected MailSender setMailSender(MailSender ms) {
        HotSwappableTargetSource hsts =
        return (MailSender) hsts.swap(ms);
    protected MailSender setNoopMailSender() { 
        MailSender old;
        final Mock proxy = new Mock(MailSender.class);
        proxy.setDefaultStub(new DefaultResultStub());
        old = setMailSender((MailSender) proxy.proxy());
        return old;
This code example shows how to use the following methods:
                return standbyDataSource; 
            return activeDataSource; 
        HotSwappableTargetSource targetSource = new HotSwappableTargetSource(activeDataSource); 
        ProxyFactory pf = new ProxyFactory(); 
        pf.setInterfaces(new Class[] { DataSource.class }); 
        if (isPositiveFailoverEnable()) { 
            DataSource targetDetectorDataSource = descriptor.getTargetDetectorDataSource(); 
            DataSource standbyDetectorDataSource = descriptor.getStandbyDetectorDataSource(); 
            if (targetDetectorDataSource == null || standbyDetectorDataSource == null) { 
                throw new IllegalArgumentException( 
                        "targetDetectorDataSource or standbyDetectorDataSource can't be null if positive failover is enabled."); 
            // 1. create active monitoring job for failover event 
            ScheduledExecutorService scheduler = Executors.newScheduledThreadPool(1); 
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