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 * This is the real class which does the work. We need access to the ParserContext in order to do bean 
 * registration. 
class InternalInterceptMethodsBeanDefinitionDecorator extends AbstractInterceptorDrivenBeanDefinitionDecorator {
    static final String ATT_METHOD = "method";
    static final String ATT_ACCESS = "access";
    private static final String ATT_ACCESS_MGR = "access-decision-manager-ref";
    protected BeanDefinition createInterceptorDefinition(Node node) {
        Element interceptMethodsElt = (Element)node;
        BeanDefinitionBuilder interceptor = BeanDefinitionBuilder.rootBeanDefinition(MethodSecurityInterceptor.class);
        // Default to autowiring to pick up after invocation mgr 
        String accessManagerId = interceptMethodsElt.getAttribute(ATT_ACCESS_MGR);
        if (!StringUtils.hasText(accessManagerId)) {