Code example for QueryTranslatorImpl

	private static final Log log = LoggerFactory.make();
	protected final QueryTranslatorImpl delegate;
	public LegacyParserBridgeQueryTranslator(SessionFactoryImplementor sessionFactory, String queryIdentifier, String query, Map<?, ?> filters) {
		this.delegate = new QueryTranslatorImpl( queryIdentifier, query, filters, sessionFactory );
	public void compile(Map replacements, boolean shallow) throws QueryException, MappingException {
		try { 
			// Need to prepare the delegate so getQuerySpaces() etc. canbe invoked on it 
			delegate.compile( replacements, shallow );
		catch ( Exception qse ) {
			throw log.querySyntaxException( qse, getQueryString() );
		doCompile( replacements, shallow );
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