Code example for Mapping

Methods: getReferencedPropertyType

		// I don't believe that Mapping#getReferencedPropertyType accounts for the identifier property; so 
		// if it returns for a property named 'id', then we should have a non-id field named id 
		try { 
			return factory.getReferencedPropertyType( entityType.getAssociatedEntityName(), EntityPersister.ENTITY_ID ) != null; 
		catch( MappingException e ) { 
			return false; 
	protected void initComponentPropertyPaths( 
			final String path, 
			final CompositeType type, 
			final String[] columns, 
			final String[] columnReaders, 
			final String[] columnReaderTemplates, 
			String[] formulaTemplates, final Mapping factory) throws MappingException { 
		Type[] types = type.getSubtypes(); 
		String[] properties = type.getPropertyNames();