Code example for PersistentCollection

Methods: clearDirtygetSnapshotsetSnapshot

 * @author Steve Ebersole 
public class StatefulPersistenceContext implements PersistenceContext { 
	public static final Object NO_ROW = new MarkerObject( "NO_ROW" ); 
    private static final CoreMessageLogger LOG = Logger.getMessageLogger(CoreMessageLogger.class, 
	private static final int INIT_COLL_SIZE = 8; 
	private SessionImplementor session; 
	// Loaded entity instances, by EntityKey 
	private Map entitiesByKey; 
	// Loaded entity instances, by EntityUniqueKey 
	private Map entitiesByUniqueKey; 
	// Identity map of EntityEntry instances, by the entity instance 
	private Map entityEntries;