Code example for PersistentCollection

Methods: setSnapshot

	// Snapshots of current database state for entities 
	// that have *not* been loaded 
	private Map entitySnapshotsByKey; 
	// Identity map of array holder ArrayHolder instances, by the array instance 
	private Map arrayHolders; 
	// Identity map of CollectionEntry instances, by the collection wrapper 
	private Map collectionEntries; 
	// Collection wrappers, by the CollectionKey 
	private Map collectionsByKey; //key=CollectionKey, value=PersistentCollection 
	// Set of EntityKeys of deleted objects 
	private HashSet nullifiableEntityKeys; 
	// properties that we have tried to load, and not found in the database 
	private HashSet nullAssociations; 
	// A list of collection wrappers that were instantiating during result set