Code example for MappingException

                        idDatas.get(0), componentDatas); 
        } else if (idDatas.size() == 2) { 
            // All entities must be audited. 
            if (!idDatas.get(0).isAudited() || !idDatas.get(1).isAudited()) { 
                throw new MappingException("Ternary relations using @Audited(targetAuditMode = NOT_AUDITED) are not supported."); 
            return new ThreeEntityQueryGenerator(globalCfg, verEntCfg, auditStrategy, auditMiddleEntityName, referencingIdData, 
                    idDatas.get(0), idDatas.get(1), componentDatas); 
        } else { 
            throw new IllegalStateException("Illegal number of related entities."); 
     * @return Current index of data in the array, which will be the element of a list, returned when executing a query 
     * generated by the built query generator. 
    int getCurrentIndex() { 
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