Code example for MappingException

     * Register an audit entity name. If the name is already registered, an exception is thrown. 
     * @param auditEntityName Name of the audit entity. 
    public void register(String auditEntityName) {
        if (auditEntityNames.contains(auditEntityName)) {
            throw new MappingException("The audit entity name '" + auditEntityName + "' is already registered.");
     * Creates a unique (not yet registered) audit entity name by appending consecutive numbers to the base 
     * name. If the base name is not yet used, it is returned unmodified. 
     * @param baseAuditEntityName The base entity name. 
     * @return  
    public String createUnique(final String baseAuditEntityName) {
        String auditEntityName = baseAuditEntityName;
        int count = 1;