Code example for MappingException

	 * @param typecode the type key 
	 * @return the default type name associated with specified key 
	public String get(int typecode) throws MappingException {
		String result = defaults.get( typecode );
		if (result==null) throw new MappingException("No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: " + typecode);
		return result;
	 * get type name for specified type and size 
	 * @param typeCode the type key 
	 * @param size the SQL length 
	 * @param scale the SQL scale 
	 * @param precision the SQL precision 
	 * @return the associated name with smallest capacity >= size, 
	 * if available and the default type name otherwise 
	public String get(int typeCode, long size, int precision, int scale) throws MappingException {
		Map<Long, String> map = weighted.get( typeCode );