Code example for DefaultSaveOrUpdateEventListener

 * @author Gavin King 
 * @author Steve Ebersole 
 * @author Gunnar Morling 
public class OgmDefaultSaveOrUpdateEventListener extends DefaultSaveOrUpdateEventListener {
	 * Performs all the actual work needed to save an entity (well to get the save moved to 
	 * the execution queue). 
	 * @param entity The entity to be saved 
	 * @param key The id to be used for saving the entity (or null, in the case of identity columns) 
	 * @param persister The entity's persister instance. 
	 * @param useIdentityColumn Should an identity column be used for id generation? 
	 * @param anything Generally cascade-specific information. 
	 * @param source The session which is the source of the current event. 
	 * @param requiresImmediateIdAccess Is access to the identifier required immediately 
	 * after the completion of the save?  persist(), for example, does not require this...