Code example for SingleLineSqlCommandExtractor

 * import sql files, there are a number of value declarations that are incompatible with Sql Server. This 
 * custom extractor takes care of transforming those values into something SQL Server understands. 
 * @author Jeff Fischer 
public class DemoSqlServerSingleLineSqlCommandExtractor extends SingleLineSqlCommandExtractor {
    private static final SupportLogger LOGGER = SupportLogManager.getLogger("UserOverride", DemoSqlServerSingleLineSqlCommandExtractor.class);
    private static final String BOOLEANTRUEMATCH = "(?i)(true)";
    private static final String BOOLEANFALSEMATCH = "(?i)(false)";
    private static final String TIMESTAMPMATCH = "(?i)(current_date)";
    public static final String TRUE = "'TRUE'";
    public static final String FALSE = "'FALSE'";
    public static final String CURRENT_TIMESTAMP = "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP";
    protected boolean alreadyRun = false;
    public String[] extractCommands(Reader reader) {