Code example for SessionImplementor

Methods: getFactory

	public void nullSafeSet( 
			PreparedStatement st, 
			Object value, 
			int index, 
			SessionImplementor session) throws HibernateException, SQLException { 
		String entityName = session.getFactory().getClassMetadata((Class) value).getEntityName(); 
		Loadable entityPersister = (Loadable) session.getFactory().getEntityPersister(entityName); 
		underlyingType.nullSafeSet(st, entityPersister.getDiscriminatorValue(), index, session); 
	public String toLoggableString(Object value, SessionFactoryImplementor factory) throws HibernateException { 
		return value == null ? "[null]" : value.toString(); 
	public Object deepCopy(Object value, SessionFactoryImplementor factory) 
			throws HibernateException { 
		return value; 
	public Object replace(Object original, Object target, SessionImplementor session, Object owner, Map copyCache) 
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