Code example for SqlExceptionHelper

    private static final CoreMessageLogger LOG = Logger.getMessageLogger(CoreMessageLogger.class, ResultSetWrapperProxy.class.getName()); 
	private static final Class[] PROXY_INTERFACES = new Class[] { ResultSet.class }; 
	private static final SqlExceptionHelper sqlExceptionHelper = new SqlExceptionHelper(); 
	private final ResultSet rs; 
	private final ColumnNameCache columnNameCache; 
	private ResultSetWrapperProxy(ResultSet rs, ColumnNameCache columnNameCache) { = rs; 
		this.columnNameCache = columnNameCache; 
	 * Generates a proxy wrapping the ResultSet. 
	 * @param resultSet The resultSet to wrap. 
	 * @param columnNameCache The cache storing data for converting column names to column indexes. 
	 * @return The generated proxy. 
	public static ResultSet generateProxy(ResultSet resultSet, ColumnNameCache columnNameCache) {