Package org.hibernate.dialect.function

 A SQLFunction implementation that emulates the ANSI SQL trim function on dialects which do not support the full definition. However, this… API Doc
 Defines support for rendering according to ANSI SQL TRIM function specification. API Doc
 A function which takes no arguments API Doc
 Emulation of coalesce() on Oracle, using multiple nvl() calls API Doc
 Provides support routines for the HQL functions as used in the various SQL Dialects Provides an interface for supporting various HQL functions… API Doc
 Represents HQL functions that can have different representations in different SQL dialects where that difference can be handled via a… API Doc
 Provides a standard implementation that supports the majority of the HQL functions that are translated to SQL. The Dialect and its sub-classes use … API Doc
 Support for slightly more general templating than StandardSQLFunction, with an unlimited number of arguments. API Doc

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