Package org.hibernate

 Indicates failure of an assertion: a possible bug in Hibernate. API Doc
 Annotation related exception. The EJB3 EG will probably set a generic exception. I'll then use this one. API Doc
 Intended to be thrown from Lifecycle and Interceptor callbacks. IMPL NOTE : This is a legacy exception type from back in the day before Hibernate… API Doc
 Defines the various policies by which Hibernate might release its underlying JDBC connection. API Doc
 Criteria is a simplified API for retrieving entities by composing Criterion objects. This is a very convenient approach for functionality like… API Doc
 An interceptor that does nothing. May be used as a base class for application-defined custom interceptors. API Doc
 Defines the representation modes available for entities. API Doc
 Represents an association fetching strategy. This is used together with the Criteria API to specify runtime fetching strategies. For HQL… API Doc
 Represents a flushing strategy. The flush process synchronizes database state with session state by detecting state changes and executing SQL… API Doc
 The base exception type for Hibernate exceptions. Note that all java.sql.SQLException SQLExceptions will be wrapped in some form of … API Doc
 Allows user code to inspect and/or change property values. Inspection occurs before property values are written and after they are read from the… API Doc
 Thrown when a mapping is found to be invalid. Similar to MappingException, but this contains more info about the path and type of mapping (e.g.… API Doc
 Loads an entity by its primary identifier. API Doc
 Wraps a SQLException. Indicates that an exception occurred during a JDBC call. API Doc
 Instances represent a lock mode for a row of a relational database table. It is not intended that users spend much time worrying about locking… API Doc
 Contains locking details (LockMode, Timeout and Scope). API Doc
 An exception that occurs while reading mapping sources (xml/annotations),usually as a result of something screwy in the O-R mappings. API Doc
 This exception is thrown when an operation would break session-scoped identity. This occurs if the user tries to associate two different instances… API Doc
 Thrown when the user tries to do something illegal with a deleted object. API Doc
  This class is deprecated. Use OptimisticEntityLockException instead Throw when an optimistic locking conflict occurs. API Doc
 Thrown when the user passes a persistent instance to a Session method that expects a transient instance. API Doc
 Thrown when a pessimistic locking conflict occurs. API Doc
 A problem occurred accessing a property of an instance of a persistent class by reflection, or via CGLIB. There are a number of possible… API Doc
 Indicates that an expected getter or setter method could not be found on a class. API Doc
 A problem occurred translating a Hibernate query to SQL due to invalid query syntax, etc.  API Doc
 Thrown when a database query timeout occurs. API Doc
 Represents a "native sql" query. Allows the user to define certain aspects about its execution, such as: result-set value mapping… API Doc
 A result iterator that allows moving around within the results by arbitrary increments. The Query / ScrollableResults pattern is very similar to… API Doc
 An object-oriented representation of a Hibernate query. A Query instance is obtained by calling Session.createQuery(). This interface exposes some… API Doc
 Thrown when the user calls a method of a Session that is in an inappropriate state for the given call (for example, the the session is closed or… API Doc
 The main runtime interface between a Java application and Hibernate. This is the central API class abstracting the notion of a persistence… API Doc
 The main contract here is the creation of Session instances. Usually an application has a single SessionFactory instance and threads servicing… API Doc
 A specialized StaleStateException that carries information about the particular entity instance that was the source of the failure. API Doc
 Thrown when a version number or timestamp check failed, indicating that the Session contained stale data (when using long transactions with… API Doc
 A command-oriented API for performing bulk operations against a database. A stateless session does not implement a first-level cache nor… API Doc
 Defines the contract for abstracting applications from the configured underlying means of transaction management. Allows the application to define… API Doc
 Thrown when the user passes a transient instance to a Session method that expects a persistent instance. API Doc
 Thrown when Hibernate could not resolve an object by id, especially when loading an association. API Doc
 Thrown when loading an entity (by identifier) results in a value that cannot be treated as the subclass type requested by the caller. API Doc
 Indicates that a transaction could not be begun, committed or rolled back. API Doc