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				.getService( JdbcServices.class ) 
		return session.getTransactionCoordinator().getTransaction().createIsolationDelegate().delegateWork( 
				new AbstractReturningWork<IntegralDataTypeHolder>() { 
					public IntegralDataTypeHolder execute(Connection connection) throws SQLException { 
						IntegralDataTypeHolder value = buildHolder(); 
						int rows; 
						do { 
							// The loop ensures atomicity of the 
							// select + update even for no transaction 
							// or read committed isolation level 
							statementLogger.logStatement( query, FormatStyle.BASIC.getFormatter() ); 
							PreparedStatement qps = connection.prepareStatement( query ); 
							try { 
								ResultSet rs = qps.executeQuery(); 
								if ( ! ) { 
									String err = "could not read a hi value - you need to populate the table: " + tableName; 
This code example shows how to use the following methods:getTransactionCoordinator
getTransactionCoordinator Method Overview
Retrieve access to the session's transaction coordinator.
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