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    return nullSafeGet(resultSet, names[0]);
  public Object nullSafeGet(ResultSet resultSet, String name) throws SQLException {
    java.sql.Timestamp value = (java.sql.Timestamp) (new TimestampType()).nullSafeGet(resultSet, name);
    if (value == null) {
      return null; 
    return DbDateUtils.fromSqlTimestamp(value);
  public void nullSafeSet(PreparedStatement preparedStatement, Object value, int index) throws HibernateException, SQLException {
    if (value == null) { 
      s_logger.debug("INSTANT -> TIMESTAMP : NULL -> NULL"); 
      (new TimestampType()).nullSafeSet(preparedStatement, null, index);
    } else { 
      s_logger.debug("INSTANT -> TIMESTAMP : {}   ->  {}", value, DbDateUtils.toSqlTimestamp((Instant) value));
      (new TimestampType()).nullSafeSet(preparedStatement, DbDateUtils.toSqlTimestamp((Instant) value), index);
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