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	public void testNeedsTable(){ 
		Cfg2HbmTool c2h = new Cfg2HbmTool();
		PersistentClass pc = new RootClass();
		assertTrue(c2h.needsTable(new JoinedSubclass(pc)));
		assertTrue(c2h.needsTable(new UnionSubclass(pc)));
		assertFalse(c2h.needsTable(new SingleTableSubclass(pc)));
		assertFalse(c2h.needsTable(new Subclass(pc)));
	public static Test suite() {
		return new TestSuite(Cfg2HbmToolTest.class);
This code example shows how to use the following methods:
		assertThat( resolver.getEntityPersisterClass( subclass ) ).isEqualTo( SingleTableOgmEntityPersister.class );
	public void testTablePerClassPersistentSubclassStrategy() throws Exception {
		Subclass subclass = new UnionSubclass( new RootClass() );
		assertThat( resolver.getEntityPersisterClass( subclass ) ).isEqualTo( UnionSubclassOgmEntityPersister.class );
	@Test(expected = UnsupportedOperationException.class)
	public void testPersistenceClassSubclassJoinedStrategy() throws Exception {
		Subclass subclass = new JoinedSubclass( new RootClass() );
		resolver.getEntityPersisterClass( subclass );
	private EntityBinding rootMetadata(InheritanceType inheritanceType) {
		return new EntityBinding( inheritanceType, null );
	private EntityBinding subclassMetadata(InheritanceType inheritanceType) {