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This code example shows how to use the following methods:put
	public Object put(Object entity, Object copy) { 
		if ( entity == null || copy == null ) { 
			throw new NullPointerException( "null entities and copies are not supported by " + getClass().getName() );
		entityToOperatedOnFlagMap.put( entity, Boolean.FALSE );
		return entityToCopyMap.put( entity, copy );
	 * Associates the specified entity with the specified copy in this EventCache; 
	 * @param entity must be non-null 
	 * @param copy must be non- null 
	 * @param isOperatedOn indicates if the operation is performed on the entity 
	 * @return previous copy associated with specified entity, or null if 
	 * there was no mapping for entity. 
	 * @throws NullPointerException if entity or copy is null 
	/* package-private */ Object put(Object entity, Object copy, boolean isOperatedOn) {
		if ( entity == null || copy == null ) {