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 * @author Gavin King 
public abstract class BasicLazyInitializer extends AbstractLazyInitializer {
	protected static final Object INVOKE_IMPLEMENTATION = new MarkerObject("INVOKE_IMPLEMENTATION");
	protected Class persistentClass;
	protected Method getIdentifierMethod;
	protected Method setIdentifierMethod;
	protected boolean overridesEquals;
	private Object replacement; 
	protected CompositeType componentIdType;
	protected BasicLazyInitializer( 
			String entityName,
	        Class persistentClass,
	        Serializable id,
	        Method getIdentifierMethod,
	        Method setIdentifierMethod,
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 * @author Gavin King 
public class BatchFetchQueue {
	public static final Object MARKER = new MarkerObject( "MARKER" );
	 * Defines a sequence of {@link EntityKey} elements that are currently 
	 * elegible for batch-fetching. 
	 * <p/> 
	 * Even though this is a map, we only use the keys.  A map was chosen in 
	 * order to utilize a {@link LinkedHashMap} to maintain sequencing 
	 * as well as uniqueness. 
	 * <p/> 
	 * TODO : this would be better as a SequencedReferenceSet, but no such beast exists! 
	private final Map batchLoadableEntityKeys = new LinkedHashMap(8);
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class ColumnBasedDiscriminator implements EntityDiscriminator { 
	private static final Log log = LoggerFactory.make();
	private static final Object NULL_DISCRIMINATOR = new MarkerObject( "<null discriminator>" );
	private static final Object NOT_NULL_DISCRIMINATOR = new MarkerObject( "<not null discriminator>" );
	private final String alias;
	private final String columnName;
	private final Type discriminatorType;
	private final boolean forced;
	private final boolean needed;
	private final String sqlValue;
	private final Object value; 
	private final Map<Object, String> subclassesByValue;
	public ColumnBasedDiscriminator(final PersistentClass persistentClass, final SessionFactoryImplementor factory, final Column column) {
		forced = persistentClass.isForceDiscriminator();
		columnName = column.getQuotedName( factory.getDialect() );
		alias = column.getAlias( factory.getDialect(), persistentClass.getRootTable() );
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 * @author Steve Ebersole 
public class StatefulPersistenceContext implements PersistenceContext { 
	public static final Object NO_ROW = new MarkerObject( "NO_ROW" ); 
    private static final CoreMessageLogger LOG = Logger.getMessageLogger(CoreMessageLogger.class, 
	private static final int INIT_COLL_SIZE = 8; 
	private SessionImplementor session; 
	// Loaded entity instances, by EntityKey 
	private Map entitiesByKey; 
	// Loaded entity instances, by EntityUniqueKey 
	private Map entitiesByUniqueKey; 
	// Identity map of EntityEntry instances, by the entity instance