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This code example shows how to use the following methods:getASTFactory
	public SyntheticAndFactory(HqlSqlWalker hqlSqlWalker) { 
		this.hqlSqlWalker = hqlSqlWalker; 
	private Node create(int tokenType, String text) { 
		return ( Node ) ASTUtil.create( hqlSqlWalker.getASTFactory(), tokenType, text ); 
	public void addWhereFragment( 
			JoinFragment joinFragment, 
			String whereFragment, 
			QueryNode query, 
			FromElement fromElement, 
			HqlSqlWalker hqlSqlWalker) { 
		if ( whereFragment == null ) { 
		if ( !fromElement.useWhereFragment() && !joinFragment.hasThetaJoins() ) { 
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