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	public Filter setParameter(String name, Object value) throws IllegalArgumentException {
		// Make sure this is a defined parameter and check the incoming value type 
		// TODO: what should be the actual exception type here? 
		Type type = definition.getParameterType( name );
		if ( type == null ) {
			throw new IllegalArgumentException( "Undefined filter parameter [" + name + "]" );
		if ( value != null && !type.getReturnedClass().isAssignableFrom( value.getClass() ) ) {
			throw new IllegalArgumentException( "Incorrect type for parameter [" + name + "]" );
		parameters.put( name, value );
		return this;
	 * Set the named parameter's value list for this filter.  Used 
	 * in conjunction with IN-style filter criteria. 
	 * @param name   The parameter's name. 
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