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This code example shows how to use the following methods:
					new CollectionKey( ce.getLoadedPersister(), ce.getLoadedKey() ) 
This code example shows how to use the following methods:
	 * Add an collection to the cache, with a given collection entry. 
	 * @param coll The collection for which we are adding an entry. 
	 * @param entry The entry representing the collection. 
	 * @param key The key of the collection's entry. 
	private void addCollection(PersistentCollection coll, CollectionEntry entry, Serializable key) { 
		collectionEntries.put( coll, entry ); 
		CollectionKey collectionKey = new CollectionKey( entry.getLoadedPersister(), key ); 
		PersistentCollection old = ( PersistentCollection ) collectionsByKey.put( collectionKey, coll ); 
		if ( old != null ) { 
			if ( old == coll ) { 
				throw new AssertionFailure("bug adding collection twice"); 
			// or should it actually throw an exception? 
			old.unsetSession( session ); 
			collectionEntries.remove( old ); 
			// watch out for a case where old is still referenced