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This code example shows how to use the following methods:
	 * Search the persistence context for an index of the child object, 
	 * given a collection role 
	public Object getIndexInOwner(String entity, String property, Object childEntity, Map mergeMap) { 
		EntityPersister persister = session.getFactory() 
		CollectionPersister cp = session.getFactory() 
				.getCollectionPersister(entity + '.' + property); 
	    // try cache lookup first 
	    Object parent = parentsByChild.get(childEntity); 
		if (parent != null) { 
			final EntityEntry entityEntry = (EntityEntry) entityEntries.get(parent); 
			//there maybe more than one parent, filter by type 
			if ( persister.isSubclassEntityName( entityEntry.getEntityName() ) ) { 
				Object index = getIndexInParent(property, childEntity, persister, cp, parent); 
				if (index==null && mergeMap!=null) { 
					Object unmergedInstance = mergeMap.get(parent);