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This code example shows how to use the following methods: close, getResourceRegistry, getShareableConnectionProxy, isPhysicallyConnected
		JournalingTransactionObserver observer = new JournalingTransactionObserver();
		transactionCoordinator.addObserver( observer );
		final JdbcCoordinator jdbcCoordinator = transactionCoordinator.getJdbcCoordinator();
		LogicalConnectionImplementor logicalConnection = jdbcCoordinator.getLogicalConnection();
		Connection connection = logicalConnection.getShareableConnectionProxy();
		// set up some tables to use 
		Statement statement = connection.createStatement();
		statement.execute( "drop table SANDBOX_JDBC_TST if exists" );
		statement.execute( "create table SANDBOX_JDBC_TST ( ID integer, NAME varchar(100) )" );
		assertTrue( logicalConnection.getResourceRegistry().hasRegisteredResources() );
		assertTrue( logicalConnection.isPhysicallyConnected() );
		assertFalse( logicalConnection.getResourceRegistry().hasRegisteredResources() );
		assertTrue( logicalConnection.isPhysicallyConnected() ); // after_transaction specified
		// ok, now we can get down to it... 
		TransactionImplementor txn = transactionCoordinator.getTransaction();  // same as Session#getTransaction