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This code example shows how to use the following methods:
	 * Generate an empty join sequence instance. 
	 * @return The generate join sequence. 
	public JoinSequence createJoinSequence() { 
		return new JoinSequence( sfi ); 
	 * Generate a join sequence representing the given association type. 
	 * @param implicit Should implicit joins (theta-style) or explicit joins (ANSI-style) be rendered 
	 * @param associationType The type representing the thing to be joined into. 
	 * @param tableAlias The table alias to use in qualifying the join conditions 
	 * @param joinType The type of join to render (inner, outer, etc);  see {@link org.hibernate.sql.JoinFragment} 
	 * @param columns The columns making up the condition of the join. 
	 * @return The generated join sequence. 
	public JoinSequence createJoinSequence(boolean implicit, AssociationType associationType, String tableAlias, JoinType joinType, String[] columns) { 
		JoinSequence joinSequence = createJoinSequence();