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		Object entity = getEntity(key); 
		if ( entity == object ) { 
			throw new AssertionFailure( "object already associated, but no entry was found" ); 
		if ( entity != null ) { 
			throw new NonUniqueObjectException( key.getIdentifier(), key.getEntityName() ); 
	 * If the existing proxy is insufficiently "narrow" (derived), instantiate a new proxy 
	 * and overwrite the registration of the old one. This breaks == and occurs only for 
	 * "class" proxies rather than "interface" proxies. Also init the proxy to point to 
	 * the given target implementation if necessary. 
	 * @param proxy The proxy instance to be narrowed. 
	 * @param persister The persister for the proxied entity. 
	 * @param key The internal cache key for the proxied entity. 
	 * @param object (optional) the actual proxied entity instance. 
	 * @return An appropriately narrowed instance. 
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