Code example for MapMaker

    int partitionId) {
    ConcurrentMap<I, OutEdges<I, E>> partitionEdges =
        (ConcurrentMap<I, OutEdges<I, E>>) transientEdges.get(partitionId);
    if (partitionEdges == null) {
      ConcurrentMap<I, OutEdges<I, E>> newPartitionEdges =
          new MapMaker().concurrencyLevel(
      partitionEdges = (ConcurrentMap<I, OutEdges<I, E>>)
          transientEdges.putIfAbsent(partitionId, newPartitionEdges);
      if (partitionEdges == null) {
        partitionEdges = newPartitionEdges;
    return partitionEdges;
  protected OutEdges<I, E> getPartitionEdges( 
    Map.Entry<I, OutEdges<I, E>> entry) {
    return entry.getValue();
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