Code example for MapMaker

Methods: makeMap

 * Replace this implementation by injecting a new {@link CertPathStore} using 
 * Guice. 
public class DefaultCertPathStore implements CertPathStore { 
  private final ConcurrentMap<ByteBuffer, SignerInfo> map = new MapMaker().makeMap();
   * @see CertPathStore#get(java.lang.String) 
  public SignerInfo getSignerInfo(byte[] signerId) {
    return map.get(ByteBuffer.wrap(signerId));
   * @see CertPathStore#put(SignerInfo) 
  public void putSignerInfo(ProtocolSignerInfo protobuf) throws SignatureException {
    SignerInfo signerInfo = new SignerInfo(protobuf);
    map.put(ByteBuffer.wrap(signerInfo.getSignerId()), signerInfo);
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