Code example for PercentEscaper

    // Equivalent to Guava's uriQueryStringEscaper(false), but this hasn't been 
    // released yet. 
    private static final Escaper QUERY_STRING_ESCAPER =
            new PercentEscaper("-._~!$'()*,;@:/?", false);
    // Used to escape the schema and path part of the redirected URI. 
    private static final Escaper SCHEMA_AND_PATH_ESCAPER =
            new PercentEscaper("-._~!$'()*,;@:/", false);
    private final Map<String,String> _parameters;
    private boolean _isParsed;
    private String _nextReplica;
    private String _ourId;
    private List<String> _remainingReplicas = new ArrayList<>();
    public static ReplicaInfo forRequest(Request request)