Code example for ImmutableBiMap.Builder

Methods: put

  <X> void addManagedType(ManagedType<X> e) {
    managedTypeBuilder.put(e.getJavaType(), e);
  <X> void addEmbeddableType(EmbeddableType<X> e) {
    embeddableTypeBuilder.put(e.getJavaType(), e);
    managedTypeBuilder.put(e.getJavaType(), e);
   * Freezes the definition of this metamodel. Once frozen, no more entity 
   * metadata can be added, and the collections returned by 
   * {@link #getEntities()} and friends are immutable. 
  void freeze() { 
    entityTypes =; 
    entityTypeBuilder = null; 
    managedTypes =;
    managedTypeBuilder = null;
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