Code example for Ordering

Methods: greatestOf

	 * <p>Returns the {@code k} largest categories in the order of size. 
	 * The size is in terms of the number of producer functions that are 
	 * not consumer functions.</p> 
	public List<String> getLargestCategories(int k) {
		return Ordering.natural().onResultOf(Functions.forMap(mCatToSize)).greatestOf(mCatToSize.keySet(), k);
	public Multimap<String, String> getTokenToCats(String language) {
		return langToTokenToCats.get(language);
	public Map<String, String> getIriToToken(String language) {
		return langToIriToToken.get(language);
	public GfParseResult parseGfModule(GfModule gfModule) throws GfServiceException {
		return mGfStorage.parse(gfModule);