Code example for Splitter

Methods: splitToList

     * @return an array of parts 
    public static List<String> split(String path)
        return PATH_SPLITTER.splitToList(path);
     * Make sure all the nodes in the path are created. NOTE: Unlike File.mkdirs(), Zookeeper doesn't distinguish 
     * between directories and files. So, every node in the path is created. The data for each node is an empty blob 
     * @param zookeeper the client 
     * @param path      path to ensure 
     * @throws InterruptedException                 thread interruption 
     * @throws org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException Zookeeper errors 
    public static void mkdirs(ZooKeeper zookeeper, String path) throws InterruptedException, KeeperException
        mkdirs(zookeeper, path, true, null);