Code example for Cache

Methods: put

     * @param modification the modification made by the transaction 
    public void transactionReady(String transactionID, DOMStoreThreePhaseCommitCohort cohort,
            Modification modification) {
        cohortCache.put(transactionID, new CohortEntry(transactionID, cohort, modification));
     * This method handles the canCommit phase for a transaction. 
     * @param canCommit the CanCommitTransaction message 
     * @param sender the actor that sent the message 
     * @param shard the transaction's shard actor 
    public void handleCanCommit(CanCommitTransaction canCommit, final ActorRef sender,
            final ActorRef shard) {
        String transactionID = canCommit.getTransactionID();
        if(LOG.isDebugEnabled()) { 
            LOG.debug("Processing canCommit for transaction {} for shard {}",