Code example for LoadingCache

Methods: getUnchecked

   public String putBlob(final String container, final Blob blob) {
      final org.jclouds.atmos.options.PutOptions options = new org.jclouds.atmos.options.PutOptions();
      try { 
         if (isPublic.getUnchecked(container + "/"))
      } catch (CacheLoader.InvalidCacheLoadException e) {
         // nulls not permitted 
      return AtmosUtils.putBlob(sync, crypto, blob2Object, container, blob, options);
    * This implementation invokes {@link AtmosClient#createFile} 
    * <p/> 
    * Since there is no etag support in atmos, we just return the path. 
   public String putBlob(String container, Blob blob, PutOptions options) {
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