Code example for LoadingCache

Methods: getUnchecked

   * @param dagId TezDAGID object for this TezVertexID 
   * @param id the tip number 
  public static TezVertexID getInstance(TezDAGID dagId, int id) {
    Preconditions.checkArgument(dagId != null, "DagID cannot be null");
    return vertexIDCache.getUnchecked(new TezVertexID(dagId, id));
  private TezVertexID(TezDAGID dagId, int id) {
    this.dagId = dagId;
  /** Returns the {@link TezDAGID} object that this tip belongs to */ 
  public TezDAGID getDAGId() { 
    return dagId;
  public boolean equals(Object o) {