Code example for SetMultimap

Methods: get

    public Set<MatcherAndAlert> getNotes(Edge edge) {
        /* If the edge is temporary, we look for notes in it's parent edge. */ 
        if (edge instanceof PartialStreetEdge) {
            edge = ((PartialStreetEdge) edge).getParentEdge();
        Set<MatcherAndAlert> maas = notesForEdge.get(edge);
        if (maas == null || maas.isEmpty()) {
            return null; 
        return maas;
     * Remove all notes attached to this edge. NOTE: this should only be called within a graph 
     * building context (or unit testing). 
     * @param edge 
    void removeNotes(Edge edge) {
        if (LOG.isDebugEnabled()) 
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