Code example for SetMultimap

Methods: removeAll

     * @param edge 
    void removeNotes(Edge edge) {
        if (LOG.isDebugEnabled()) 
            LOG.debug("Removing notes for edge: {}", edge);
     * Create a MatcherAndAlert, interning it if the note and matcher pair is already created. Note: 
     * we use the default Object.equals() for matchers, as they are mostly already singleton 
     * instances. 
     * @param noteMatcher 
     * @param note 
     * @return 
    private MatcherAndAlert buildMatcherAndAlert(NoteMatcher noteMatcher, Alert note) {
        T2<NoteMatcher, Alert> key = new T2<>(noteMatcher, note);
        MatcherAndAlert interned = uniqueMatchers.get(key);
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