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public class PasswordDigestService { 
  private static final Log log = LogFactory.getLog(PasswordDigestService.class);
  private static final HashFunction HASH_FUNCTION = Hashing.sha256();
  private static final int HASH_LENGTH = HASH_FUNCTION.bits() / Byte.SIZE;
  private static final int SECURE_SALT_LENGTH = HASH_LENGTH;
  private static final int LEGACY_SALT_LENGTH = 6;
  static { 
  private static final Charset BYTE_ENCODING = Charsets.UTF_8;
  private static final BaseEncoding STRING_ENCODING = BaseEncoding.base16().lowerCase();
  private final Random random;
  public PasswordDigestService() { 
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    private static final int NUM_CHARS;
    static { 
        HASH_FUNCTION = Hashing.sha1();
        NUM_BYTES = HASH_FUNCTION.bits() / 8;
        NUM_CHARS = 2 * NUM_BYTES;
        NULL = new ObjectId(new byte[20]);
    private final byte[] hashCode;
     * Constructs a new {@code NULL} object id. 
    public ObjectId() { 
        this.hashCode = NULL.hashCode;
This code example shows how to use the following methods:bits
public class EncryptedSearchPrivateKey { 
    public static final String        HASH_COLLAPSER        = "hashCollapser";
    public static final String        LEFT_SQUARING_MATRIX  = "leftMatrix";
    public static final String        RIGHT_SQUARING_MATRIX = "rightMatrix";
    private static final HashFunction hf                    = Hashing.murmur3_128();
    private static final int          hashBits              = hf.bits();
    private final EnhancedBitMatrix   leftSquaringMatrix, rightSquaringMatrix;
    public EncryptedSearchPrivateKey( 
            @JsonProperty( LEFT_SQUARING_MATRIX ) EnhancedBitMatrix leftSquaringMatrix,
            @JsonProperty( RIGHT_SQUARING_MATRIX ) EnhancedBitMatrix rightSquaringMatrix ) throws SingularMatrixException {
        this.leftSquaringMatrix = leftSquaringMatrix;
        this.rightSquaringMatrix = rightSquaringMatrix;
    public EncryptedSearchPrivateKey( int sqrRootHashLength ) throws SingularMatrixException {
        this.leftSquaringMatrix = EnhancedBitMatrix.randomInvertibleMatrix( sqrRootHashLength );
        this.rightSquaringMatrix = EnhancedBitMatrix.randomInvertibleMatrix( sqrRootHashLength );
bits Method Overview
Returns the number of bits (a multiple of 32) that each hash code produced by this hash function has.
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