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	public static byte[] decryptBytes(@Nonnull final String textToDecode, @Nonnull final char[] password) throws IOException
		final byte[] decodeTextAsBytes;
			decodeTextAsBytes = BASE64_DECRYPT.decode(textToDecode);
		catch (final IllegalArgumentException x)
			throw new IOException("invalid base64 encoding");
		if (decodeTextAsBytes.length < OPENSSL_SALTED_BYTES.length)
			throw new IOException("out of salt");
		final byte[] cipherBytes = new byte[decodeTextAsBytes.length - OPENSSL_SALTED_BYTES.length];
		System.arraycopy(decodeTextAsBytes, OPENSSL_SALTED_BYTES.length, cipherBytes, 0, decodeTextAsBytes.length - OPENSSL_SALTED_BYTES.length);
		final byte[] decryptedBytes = decryptRaw(cipherBytes, password);
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